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Takuya Nakao

Written by realtokyo|2022.12.20

Art critic and scholar. Nakao holds a PhD in art and writes criticism on modern and contemporary art. He takes a particular interest in the connections between living (or non-art) and creative practice from the perspective of chess, one of Marcel Duchamp’s favorite pastimes, and is the author of Marcel Duchamp and Chess (Heibonsha, 2017). He is co-author and editor of Sports/Art (Shinwasha, 2020), and has curated exhibitions including “Medium and Dimension: Liminal” (held at Kakinosou in Tokyo, 2022). Nakao is a part-time lecturer at Joshibi University of Art and Design, Tama Art University, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo Institute of Technology, and Rikkyo University. https://nakaotakuya.com


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