Privacy Policy

For the administration of users’ personal information, the RealJapan Executive Committee (hereinafter “the Committee”) observes applicable laws and codes, and operates based on policies related to personal information as specified below.

”Personal information” here refers to all information that can be used for the identification of individual users.

Management of Personal Information

In order to ensure a correct and up-to-date storage of personal information, and prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, manipulation or leakage thereof, the Committee takes necessary measures for the maintenance of security and management systems, and administers all personal information under strict safety measures.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

Whenever personal information is obtained directly from users, the Committee clearly specifies the purpose of use, and makes sure to gather information by appropriate methods. Personal information will not be used for other than the specified purposes.

Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

The Committee does not provide information to third parties unless we have received users’ consent, or are required to do so by law. In the case of outsourcing of the administration of personal information, we will select appropriate contractors, and stipulate and follow regulations regarding confidentiality, re-entrustment, responsibility assignment in cases of accidents, and the return or deletion of personal information after the respective contract’s expiration.

Measures for the Protection of Personal Information

The Committee takes necessary and appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access or leakage of personal information.

Inquiries from Users

Whenever a user who directly provided his or her personal information demands us to make additions, corrections or deletions, we will correct, update or delete the provided information after verifying the respective user’s identity.

Modifications of the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy will be revised as needed according to modifications of laws and regulations. The Privacy Policy published on the Website will generally be the latest corrected version.

Access Analysis Tools

In order to provide our services, we may obtain cookies or access logs to an appropriate extent.
The Website uses Google’s access analysis tool ”Google Analytics,” which uses cookies for the collection of traffic data.
Such traffic data are anonymous and cannot be used for identifying individual users.
You may refuse the collection of such data by disabling cookies in your browser’s settings.

For further details on this regulation please click here.

For inquiries regarding personal information please contact us atinfo@realtokyo.jp