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> Fumi Itose

Fumi Itose

Written by realtokyo|2020.3.16

Writer/editor born in Kagawa, and currently based in Tokyo, Kagawa and Kyoto.

Majored in Art Studies at Meiji Gakuin University, Graduate School of Arts and Letters. Has been active as an editor, writer, checker and transcriber mainly for art-related books and magazines, as well as for online publications, catalogues, etc. Is presently in charge of coordination, composition, research and writing for the serial columns “Masamichi Toyama + Yoshio Suzuki ‘Kyo mo art no hanashi o shiyou (Let’s talk about art again today)’” and “Ayaka Wada’s ‘Art ni muchu! (Absorbed in art!)’” in the application version of Pia.


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