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> Gen Umezu

Gen Umezu

Written by realtokyo|2024.4.3

Critic/Curator. Specializes in art studies. His interdisciplinary activities center on the critique and curation of fine art, photography, film, and music in an exploration of the possibilities of art from modernism onward. He has curated programs including “DE/construct: Updating Modernism- three programs about Yuzuru Agi” (NADiff modern & SuperDeluxe, 2014), “Trans/ speed, Dub/ paint – Tomoyuki Higuchi” (art trace gallery, 2015), “Trans / Real: The Potential of Intangible Art” (Gallery αM, 2016-17). Curator from 1991 to 2021 at The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama, where he organized/co-organized exhibitions including “1970 Matter and Perception: Mono-ha and the Search for Fundamentals” (1995), “Donald Judd 1960–1991” (1999), “Plastic Age | Art& Design” (2000), “100th Birth Anniversary, Q Ei” (2011), “DECODE / Events & Materials: The Work of Art in the Age of Post-Industrial Society” (2019).

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