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> Hanako Murakami

Hanako Murakami

Written by realtokyo|2024.3.13

Hanako Murakami is an artist. After completing her studies at the University of Tokyo and the Graduate School of Film and New Media at Tokyo University of the Arts, she moved to Paris in 2013 as an overseas grantee from the Pola Art Foundation. After a post master course at the French National Contemporary Art Studio and an artist in residency through the Agency for Cultural Affairs (USA), she is currently based in Paris. She was nominated for the Arles International Photography Festival Newcomer award in 2019, and her recent works are in the collection of CNAP (France National Center for Fine Arts). Recent major solo exhibitions include “du désir de voir: The Birth of Photography” (Pola Museum of Art, 2022), “Imaginary Landscapes” (Taka Ishii Gallery, 2022), and “Criterium 96 Hanako Murakami” (Contemporary Art Tower, Art Tower Mito) Gallery, 2019) etc. https://www.hanakomurakami.net/

Photo by Nobuhiro Shimura


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