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> Maki Kaneko

Maki Kaneko

Written by realtokyo|2022.9.9

Maki Kaneko is Associate Professor in the Kress Foundation Department of Art History at the University of Kansas, where she teaches modern and contemporary Japanese visual arts and the art of Asian Americans and Asian diaspora. She has published the single-authored book Mirroring the Japanese Empire: The Male Figure in Yoga Painting, 1930-1950 (Brill, 2015) and co-edited “Modern & Contemporary East Asian Art,” special issue, Spencer Museum of Art The Register VIII, no. 5 (2019). Her publications also include: “Contemporary Goshin’ei: The Emperor, Art, and the Anus,” in Noriko Murai, Jeff Kingston and Tina Burrett (eds.), Japan in Heisei Era (1989-2019): Multidisciplinary Perspectives (2022), “Japanese Modern Art History in North America and the Perspective of Asian American Art Studies,” in Megumi Kitahara (ed.), Taniguchi Fumie Studies (Osaka University 2018) and “War Heroes of Modern Japan: Early 1930s War Fever and the Three Brave Bombers,” in Philip K. Hu (ed.), Conflicts of Interest: Art and War in Modern Japan (St. Louis Art Museum, 2016).


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