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Mariko Nishitani

Written by realtokyo|2023.4.2

Mariko Nishitani is a fashion editor and writer born in 1950.Nishitani was an editor at Bunka Publishing Bureau for So-en, High Fashion since 1974 until compulsory retirement in 2011,was the Paris bureau correspondent in 1980-1982.She was the chief editor for High Fashion Online until 2012.Exhibition she co-curated : »Feel and Think :A New Era of Tokyo Fashion « at Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery(2011). She is the author and editor for several books on fashion, including « Fashion Begins to Talk, 2011 »,» Relativism of COMME des GARÇONS, 2012 ». She has worked as the professor of Kyoto Seika University,faculty of popular culture,fashion course in 2013-2023.


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