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Masanobu Sugatsuke

Written by realtokyo|2023.2.27

Editor, president of Gutenberg Orchestra Co., Ltd.
Born in Miyazaki in 1964, he is a former editor in chief of the magazines Composite, Invitation, and Ecocolo. He edits books and magazines and engages in planning and consulting. As a writer, he has released 10 titles including “A Way of Edit” and “World without Desire.” He also manages the independent art book label “United Vagabonds” and received an Ihei Kimura Photo Award for Mari Katayama’s “Gift.”
Sugatsuke presides over the “Editing Sparta Seminar” at B&B Shimokitazawa and “Tokyo Art Junior High” at Shibuya Parco. He is a professor at Tohoku University of Arts and Design and the recipient of a NYADC Silver Award and a D&AD Award London.


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