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> Ryoko Kamiyama

Ryoko Kamiyama

Written by shimizu|2019.8.10

Researcher on post-war Japanese avant-garde art and curator of Fuchu Art Museum. Received MA in art from the Tokyo University of the arts. Based on researches of artworks and documents、has written a history of post-war Japanese avant-garde art through curating exhibitions and writing essays.

Exhibitions include Jiro Takamatsu; Universe of his Thought(2004), At/From Tamagawa 1964-2009(2009)、Kaku-Co; O JUN 1982-2013(2013). Writings are Drawing Seen As a Pssibility, in “Jiro TakamatsuAll Drawings”(2009), Return after 20 Years, in “Reflection: In Return to Koji Enokura”(2015), “Noe Aoki : Nagare no naka ni Hikari no Katamari”(2019). Co-edited an anthology “Reading Jiro Takamatsu”(2014).