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> Shinichi Takahashi

Shinichi Takahashi

Written by shimizu|2019.5.18

Photographer / Filmmaker / Writer

April 1991~March 1993 Tokyo Polytechnic University Cause of Photography Since 1997, Takahashi Shinichi has worked as a photographer in magazines, books, CD jackets, etc. As a writer, He is doing vigorous writing activities from music fields such as jazz and world music to travel books and person reportage.
In 2015 he directed the documentary film ‘Cu-Bup’. He playing a triple role in this film, Producer / Filmmaker / Cinematographer.
It was selected as the official selection of ‘PAN AFRICAN FILM FES’ Los Angeles, USA in February 2015. Despite being an independent film shot in Cuba, the world premiere screening has been achieved in Los Angeles, the United States where there was no diplomatic relationship with Cuba. In the following June 2015, The American Film Institute was elected to the opening screening at the film festival ‘D.C. Caribbean Film FES’ to be held in Washington, D.C.
In November 2017, the documentary film ‘THE FOOLS’ which recorded the legendary underground rock band is scheduled to be released.