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Yoko Nose

Written by realtokyo|2022.3.15

Nose Yoko was born in Okayama Prefecture and currently works primarily in Aichi Prefecture. She is a curator at Toyota Municipal Museum of Art since 1997. Exhibitions she has curated to date include Feature Exhibition: Kodai Nakahara (2001); Yutaka Sone: Double River Island(2002); Florescendo: Brasil-Japão O seu lugar (2008); Twist and Shout: Contemporary Art from Japan (Bangkok Art and Culture Center, 2009. Organized by the Japan Foundation), Junya Ishigami: Another Scale of Architecture (2010); Antigravity (2013); Hiroshi Sugito: Particles and Release (2016);  Building Romance (2018); Aichi Triennale 2019(Nagoya, Toyota); and Ho Tzu Nyen Night March of Hundred Monsters (2021-2022).


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