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> Nobutaka Yamaoka

Nobutaka Yamaoka

Written by realtokyo|2023.2.20

Nobutaka Yamaoka made his feature-length directorial debut with “Pickled Punk” in 1993. He has continued working in an experimental style ever since, and his films have screened at numerous festivals including the Berlin Film Festival. He is also involved in the field of science, exploring topics such as the effects of vision on the psyche and the development of various devices. A retrospective of his features was presented at the 2013 Independent Filmmakers Showcase in Los Angeles. His first documentary, “Children who won’t die, Arakawa,” premiered in 2010. “Hooked on the Jomon” and new release “Sentimental” both won Lumiere Japan Excellence Awards. Yamaoka’s latest work is the two-part “Arts for no future!”


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