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Masayo Fukushima

Contributed movie reviews and interviews to the old Realtokyo site since 2005, and wrote columns such as “The neighborhood OL sits down on the edge” for the Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun from 1998 to 2008. In 2009, she MCed a talk called “The micro, macro and future of movies” with directors Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Nobuhiro Suwa and Satoshi Miki. Became a writer after working at an airline company, an IT research facility and in the space industry. Currently part of the “Meguriai JAXA” team.

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Gen Umezu

Critic/Curator. Specializes in art studies. His interdisciplinary activities center on the critique and curation of fine art, photography, film, and music in an exploration of the possibilities of art from modernism onward. He has curated programs including “DE/construct: Updating Modernism- three programs about Yuzuru Agi” (NADiff modern & SuperDeluxe, 2014), “Trans/ speed, Dub/ paint – Tomoyuki Higuchi” (art trace gallery, 2015), “Trans / Real: The Potential of Intangible Art” (Gallery αM, 2016-17). Curator from 1991 to 2021 at The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama, where he organized/co-organized exhibitions including “1970 Matter and Perception: Mono-ha and the Search for Fundamentals” (1995), “Donald Judd 1960–1991” (1999), “Plastic Age | Art& Design” (2000), “100th Birth Anniversary, Q Ei” (2011), “DECODE / Events & Materials: The Work of Art in the Age of Post-Industrial Society” (2019).
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Christine Greiner

Christine Greiner is Full Professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo, Brazil. She is the author of the books Readings of the Body in Japan (2015) and Fabulations of the Japanese Body and its Microactivisms (2017), among other articles and books published in Brazil and abroad.

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Hanako Murakami

Hanako Murakami is an artist. After completing her studies at the University of Tokyo and the Graduate School of Film and New Media at Tokyo University of the Arts, she moved to Paris in 2013 as an overseas grantee from the Pola Art Foundation. After a post master course at the French National Contemporary Art Studio and an artist in residency through the Agency for Cultural Affairs (USA), she is currently based in Paris. She was nominated for the Arles International Photography Festival Newcomer award in 2019, and her recent works are in the collection of CNAP (France National Center for Fine Arts). Recent major solo exhibitions include “du désir de voir: The Birth of Photography” (Pola Museum of Art, 2022), “Imaginary Landscapes” (Taka Ishii Gallery, 2022), and “Criterium 96 Hanako Murakami” (Contemporary Art Tower, Art Tower Mito) Gallery, 2019) etc. https://www.hanakomurakami.net/

Photo by Nobuhiro Shimura

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Masaaki Hara

Music critic, producer for the rings label, and director and DJ at dublab.jp, the Japan branch of the LA-based nonprofit online radio station. Interested in matching cities and music in new ways. Author of “Jazz Thing”, a book on “Something called jazz – the sound that jazz has pursued”.

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Makiko Hara

Contemporary Art Curator
Born in 1967 in Tokyo, lives and works in Vancouver, Canada. Moved to Vancouver at her appointed to the Chief curator at Centre A, Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Arts in 2007, and has become independent curator on 2013. Since the late 90s, Hara has curated numerous exhibition, and organized art projects in Asia Pacific Rim, in bridging the two continents with collaborative contemporary art practices. Recent curatorial projects include: Scotia Bank Nuit Blanche, (Toronto, Canada, 2009), AIR YONAGO, Tottori Geijyu Art Festival (Yonago, Japan, 2014-15), Fictive Communities Asia-Koganecho Bazaar (Yokohama, Japan, 2014), 105Chrysanthemum-Cindy Mochizuki Solo exhibition (Wakayama Museum, Ginza, Japan, 2016), Rock Paper Scissors, (Yonago City Museum of Art, Tottori, Japan, 2018) . Hara has appointed to the Advisory on International Exchange Center, Akita University of Arts, since 2017.